Dear little one,

Sitting opposite to your dad on a bright sunny evening and watch his eyes crinkle to the falling sunlight was nothing less than funny and pleasing at the same time. We had just come after watching a movie, hungry enough to feed on a Brazilian menu. It was cheeky of me to coax him to have a Caipirinha with me and just watch him speak. He wanted to have an Irish coffee instead! I noticed how the waitress was eager to explain the different ingredients of the drinks they served. He’s a charmer, your dad is!  I should tell you this, that he has a way with words. Its pretty difficult to explain, but he has, I assure you.

We had our choice of salad and bites from the brasserie which served dishes with unique and a varied sense to our taste buds. As both of us had never eaten from a Portuguese platter, none of it were something we could compare to. We simply indulged. Ah, which is another thing that I like about your Dad, he is ready to try on something new. I mean comple-te-ly new and sometimes could backfire like his Caipirinha did which turned out to be just a mix of sugar (undissolved) and ice. Whereas thankfully the passion fruit flavour in mine, he liked. Score 1 to me.

You know my child, if ever you want to cook something for your dad may it be on a weekend away or as special as on ‘Father’s day’, your menu should have at least one item with lamb. He just loves it to the bones! He might not agree to the idea of fathers’ day, which I will tell you why in a minute but to the idea of home cooked food, he will absolutely adore and admire it even. I have been patted on my back a few times by the man, you see? So I know. And yet again don’t forget he knows the business of cooking. So don’t try to fool around, but you might end up getting your new game that he has promised if you serve him the right thing just the way he likes it. If in doubt, ask him and he would rectify it for you. But don’t mention the intention of having your game, shh! You are warned.

Now the game being mentioned, your dad is an absolute fan of games. You mention any new games you’ve found slick, I can tell this without a wink of an eyelid, that he might have either played it, or owned it already! I wouldn’t use the word obsession but he is absolutely zealous  with his games. This was also the first time that we mentioned you! Oh yes! I remarked that you would have the entire freedom on this planet to just play. why? Simply because your dad totally gets it! Like father-like little one! But don’t you dare take it as an excuse, for he also can predict that you could be a little prankster and trust me, he will keep you on check.

If Mummy is falling short of bed time stories, look no further. Dad! He knows a lot of stories and he’s got his way of enacting one too if you would want it. May it be from his own cricket club tales when he was in his teens or his school life boys tales, or to educate you on mythical tales of Prometheus! He’s met some real life classic characters on the way and has kept them in their places either with his shining batting record or otherwise years later on giving opinions. Oh boy! You just don’t know how his stories would take you to  different world altogether. Just keep pressing him and he’ll start by saying “So…”

Never underestimate your dad kiddo, for he has read enough and is like a kindled flame for search of interesting information. His interests may it be comics, action, adventure, driving, cooking, eating, and something like philosophy, genuine attentiveness is to  only what he likes. He has his favorite quotes and he recalls them with perfection in the required situation. So if he is paying attention, give yourself a cheer as he has confessed that he rarely finds something interesting. And of course, forgot to tell you one thing, he likes to walk! He has this gadget thingy on his wrist, where he counts his steps! Bless him, he also admires the view, comments on the roads taken, observes the water level on the canal, and yet he walks at your pace. You will adore your Dad when he’s there holding your hand or walking side by side of yours discussing anything! In our case? Enhanced learning! Blah. Don’t even mention this to him, he hates it.

I don’t know when our paths might cross little one, but I have this ‘saudades’ the longing feeling as the Brazilians put it beautifully. To meet you, or hold you or to chat with you about your Dad, or lets say all of it. The complete package. One day, hopefully.  Let me close this chat for now with another little secret, your Dad knows how to make bread and butter pudding and guess what he eats all to himself! And here comes the real secret darling. If ever you want to make him go to sleep, emergencies only, give him your glass of milk with lots of sugar in it! Simply wait, get your timer ready, and watch it he will start yawning any minute now!

Loads of love kiddo,

A lovable friend of your Dad.xx


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