Strawberry, Runner beans & Petunias …

I like gardening. Whenever I think of it, I can picturise all the plants and flowers we sued to grow back there at my home in India. It began right from my childhood. I have done it with two generations – with my grandparents and my parents too. Then it was at times a chore I couldn’t get done with. I had to water plants every single day after I came back from school and had my tea and biscuits. Connect the hose pipe, turn it one and whoosh! There comes the water and I had a fun time both playing with it at the same time watering the dry pots.

All the time watering them I even did some imaginary conversations with my green friends asking them how they had stood there for the whole day in the scorching sun. I would tell them in turn how my day had been, about my friends at school and also the little secrets I could share to them. One time they would be my students, and I would teach them what I had to learn myself and the next moment they will be my friends and I would tell them all that came to my mind..

I had to get up early in the mornings of the exams for revision. Since I have an excellent record of not waking up early my mother or father used to come and knock on my door to let me know that it was time. I would get out of my bed, do the bits and then took my book out and went to the garden. The sight I first saw on those days still gives me thrills. The dew drops on the leaves and flowers, the rising sun, the cawing crows, the mooing cows, the green paddy fields, and also the changing colours of the skies. I love them still.. I used to tickle the plants to collect the dew drops or used to simply stare at their beauty. I never got enough of it!

Well, today here I am up to gardening as much as I can with our community garden raised bed I own and also a little windowsill garden that I am trying to develop. This is the second season of the Strawberry plants I had bought last year and I picked the second strawberry of the season. I had experimented with some seeds and amazingly through the wettest summer we have ever had, runner beans and beet roots have showed up! I have a few runner beans in the making and the beet roots are growing well. A couple of days ago I got a few petunias and now they are a pretty sight from my kitchen window!

Some things I think will get into our life without us knowing. In fact we feel that we are missing something until we do that bit or recreate it. Then all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Ah, life, you teach through strawberries, runner beans and even petunias! Bravo!

From the pages of life moments of a windowsill gardener!


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  1. godschool says:

    My father, who was a very keen gardener all his life, would totally agree with you, Rosh! He said we could learn many spiritual lessons through gardening. Hugs!

    1. Rosh says:

      Yes Gill, many great lessons indeed… 🙂 Love you loads…

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