God Answers Prayers…..

Today has been a day where I got answers to my prayers..

A recovery for a friend, and a new home to my other friend!! 

Oh, My Jesus, how can I ever thank you???

Praise the Lord!!! 

I am keeping before you all my prayers.. A special one too.. You know it all.. 

Waiting for your answer!!! Amen…


Do you doubt? 

Don’t just pout, 

God answers prayers! 


He hears our cry,

Make our tears dry,

Yes, God answers prayers!! 

He saves our lives, 

Even from the point of knives, 

For sure, God answers prayers..


He makes me laugh with joy,

I sing out loud! Oh Boy! 

You know, God answers prayers.. 

Oh, I am so glad, 

I love you my heavenly Dad,

For you have heard my prayers…!! 


Have a blessed day everyone…



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  1. godschool says:

    The Lord is always good, whether he gives us what we ask for … or not! Lovely rejoicing post, Rosh. Hugs!

    1. Rosh says:

      Yes… The Lord is soo good Gill.. I am rejoicing for He has heard my prayers. Muah… Big Hugs.. 😀 😀

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