“To Rain, With Love!” Part 1

It is 9.30 pm when I start writing this post and it is raining lightly. I can see the rain drops hanging on to my pink carnation petals. The gentle toss of leaves, as if it were trying to catch every falling precious drops.  The day light is still lingering to cast its last few shadows.. The bird feeder filled anew is moving back and forth with its low creaking sound in the wind.. Everything awaiting a new dawn, bidding adieu to the day and welcoming the night. It is cloudy and I think it will rain more at night.

A walk in the rains.. I bet you all will have at least one which you might call ‘ a walk to remember!’   From the tiny droplets falling on to my face in the wind, to the slanting rain drops heavily falling on to the bus windows, I love the windy rains trying to steal my umbrella, and even the non-stop rains falling day and night to create an ocean around especially for us! The splitter splatter sound of the rain at the start, slowly increasing to a roar along with the whoosh of the wind carrying the rains everywhere,  sometimes with a brilliant flash of lightning and a deafening thunder, all make every rain unique on its own!

I think I can write a book entirely on my rain memories and give it a title “To Rain, With Love!” Among all those wonderful rain moments, I have some special ones that I hold close to my heart. Every rain drop has a story to tell, it seems.

 Rain has had its inevitable role in my school days. Sometimes a stranger – dark and heavy, sometimes a friend – light and happy, sometimes a naughty neighbour and at all times being there  around me.. Here are some scenes off those pages, still fresh with the smell and chill of rains..


Those were the days when together we have crossed the zig-zag paths of paddy fields en route my home. A fear of getting School uniform and shoes wet, the raincoat that almost covered my head and yet found water seeping in, the school bag that had books inside a polythene cover (best way to stop books getting wet; suggested by Papa), and clutched close enough while waiting for the school van to arrive. Rain, who made murky, orange coloured puddles in our school ground almost tempted me to jump into it! Rainy morning assemblies, the spray of rain reaching us through the open windows of our classrooms, the wet steps and corridors of our school, borrowed and shared umbrellas (3 or 4 under an umbrella), one new umbrella for every new year in School (a gift rain gave me those days)…

Making paper boats and watching them sail away in the running rainy water, finding them wet and drowned after a big rainy night on the following day, but still making a note in mind to make some more, throwing stones to the little ponds, trying to catch small fishes in the nearby water filled ponds, the snails that moved slowly crossing our ways, the duck visitors that quack woke us some days and with their endless trains making us late for the school, the cows happily getting wet with cranes perched on them, frogs and crickets practising their tunes in the evening and making a full show until late at night, the occasional glow worm visits on a calm night after rains for the entire day, also the water snakes that cosily slide into the waters!!!

Kneeling down for the evening prayers and praying to protect us from heavy rains and disasters along with Ammama,   trying to be the first one to light the candle when the power goes off, watching the rains at the porch bravely with Papa during lightning and thunder, the cosy tuck in on bed by Amma for a cool and long night’s sleep, the hazy mornings where totally reluctant to get up and again to go to school!


Well, days and years have passed by and yet these casual scenes remain special. Rain has its own magical powers, I guess.

You will have your own version for the story. I have told you mine. One thing connect us together – Rain…

Which makes me say again “This is for you, Rain, With Love!! “

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